Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big Apple calls everyone should know!

The Dance that took the Nation by storm in 1937, starting in South Carolina and named after the Club in which the kids watched the young African American dancers, from the balcony.

As the dance spread, steps were added from one city, town to the next. I think I've documented well over a hundred....but these steps would be the essentials to get started and have hours of fun.

1. Lets Big Apple!
2. Get set---everyone circles up and hold hands
3. Right Foot in----tap 1..2...3...
4. Swing out!--- stepping right foot on 1 do the Charleston
5. Stomp ----right foot on 7
6. Double stomp----right foot 7 & 8
7. Pump Handle---right foot kicks on 7 & 8, hands in air Waa--Hoo!
8. double time -----add triple steps
9. Swing It High & Swing it Low---hands in air High and touch the ground Low
10. Truckin! Truck right, reverse etc..
11. Swingeroo--truck with Partner arm in arm
12. Face and Peck---right, left ,right, right - left, right ,left, left-right, left ,right, right
13. Scratch Flea's---itch 1,2,3,4
14. Big apple Snap---snap fingers in air on 3
15. cut the apple---double kick left,double kick right cross and turn...return
16. Boogie Back---clap on 2 back on 3
17. Boogie Forward
18. Greet the President---shake hands with Big smile truck around each other
19. Double (apple) ring---girls go in center and truck counter clockwise, Leads truck opposite
20. Frankenstein---guys truck into the middle for 8, then turn around and frankenstein towards follow.
21. sissy britches(rusty dusty)-first to partner then to corner..
22. spank your horsey (same as "spank the baby" but in place instead of a circle)
23. Posin! everyone pose!
24. organ grinder swing (lead drops to knee...follow circles lead)
25. birdie in a cage (same as organ grinder but standing)
26. bringing up the rear (truck in circle)
27. wipe the windshield ("tick-tocks" with arms mimicking windshield wipers up by your shoulders)
28. little sister (fall off the log variation)
29. joe louis (boxer nose spar thing and go to center and give an upper cut!)
30. Elephant Trail!(right arm through legs and behind, left goes forward)
31. London bridges

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