Friday, February 13, 2015

I Loved Los Angeles

*I really miss the LA swing scene and seeing the regulars all over So Cal on a nightly basis.

*We danced to all styles and era's of music and tempo's, even if we didn't have the skill too.

*We danced with our girlfriends all night, the term Dance Partner was foreign and lame.

*In The Neo-swing scene, it didn't matter how good you were at dancing, if you were a cool person, you were an equal.

*We remember the people who called themselves Lindy hoppers, they wore Blyers, and t-shirts and swiveled "on 1 and 2".

*If you were single, you asked the nicest or best dressed to dance, but not the best dancer.

*We socially danced Partner Charleston and nothing else for entire nights.

*Guys that changed partners every song were creepy as hell.

*We knew the difference between The Lindy, the Lindy Hop and Swing and never stepped foot in a class.

*In Hollywood, Hollywood style was a look not a dance style.

*We watch the first person to ever enter a jam solo, Jeremy Sutton​ at SF swing jam, and went home and practiced.

*We would block off a corner of the dance floor from tourist, so another couple had space dance and trade off.

*We started DJ battle trend in Swing, of Benny vs Shaw and NY vs KC at Memories ballroom.

*When someone said lets Shag, we asked which one.

*We started the first "solo Charleston" contest at Memories, everyone starting right foot forward starting on 1.

*Being a international dancer didn't mean shit, if your were stuck up or dressed like a clown.

*We competed for money in front of the public.

*Jam circles for the better dancers, and beginners took notes to be better.

*We danced faster then any other city, and if you didn't like it, gave you your money back.

*We loved to bust out as many free spins as possible, but were quick to say more then 2 is not partner dancing.

*No different then our old timers, we danced 7 nights a week and twice on Sunday.

*We hated being called Neo-Swingers and called ourselves Jitterbugs.

  Looking back 20 years, i really am proud to say, I was and will always be a Neo-Swinger!


  1. There's still some of that energy here. Stop by.

  2. What a great post. It caught my eye. Living in San Diego, we emulated all the dancers from L.A. and went up and down the coast to swing events, learning footwork, style, shopping, and making friends. I tried to capture some of that feeling in my fiction novels!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

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