Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lionel P. Batiste, Sr.

I snapped this shot of Lionel struttin down Frenchman street on a Sunday afternoon.
One could not help to notice the fashion statement this legendary New Orleans figure makes.

Lionel plays Bass drum and sings with the Treme Brass Band, named after The Treme neighborhood which borders the French Quarter. I believe the Treme is the actual home of Jazz, and it was these musicians that simply worked in the whorehouses of Storyville, which is why some claim it, to be the birthplace of Jazz.

Regardless, the area I'm speaking of is a short walking from each other and it's home of many generations of New Orleans's finest jazz musicians.

Just inside the Club i was standing in front of when i snapped this, was the Legendary Savoy Ballroom dancer Norma Miller, who immediately screamed out my name when she saw me talking to Lionel. I walked in to see what she wanted, and she asked me "who was that?" , I explained to her who he was, and she remarked "So he is just struttin down the ave.?" , I which i replied "Yup"...she smiled, nodding in approval and said, "Just like Harlem in the old days...".


  1. That is a thought of the day if not week! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those shoes are just killin' me. I believe the term is P-I-M-P. Brother's got swagger.