Monday, February 22, 2010

anon comments

Aside from being difficult responding to multiple users named anonymous, if i'm to take the time to share or respond to someone. i'd at least like to know the person is real, or at least has real intentions.

so I'm laying down some type of comment security, logging in, or something....thanks to everyone that reads! 

So again, feel free to post or comment, however...use your darn name, so we can have some normal communication between us...


  1. Pete,
    Great review. I can't wait to hear the CD. I recall many a fond night at the Cat, going crazy to the Vipers, it was our church on Friday nights!! I also had the pleasure of recording with some most of the Vipers, and the record swings its tail off thanks to them. They are dear friends, and I am honored that they graced my record with their presence. And I definitely agree, Bruce Brackman, is the greatest clarinet player I have ever heard!!
    By the way, this is Jody Byrd, just so you know who it is.

  2. agreed, the band is simply amazing...i could go on and on about each of them and what they bring to the table...incredible.

    and to top it off, they are the coolest bunch of guys I've meet, down to earth, modest...they certainly make me understand what a wonderful life we live.

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