Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The New Cotton Mouth Kings CD!

The self titled CD "the New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings" has been a couple weeks now, and for many reason's I continue listening to it, if not for pure pleasure, then to take notes on the concept of this amazing band.

The style of music alone is something to ponder, taste, digest and yes, relish in the after taste. I've heard the members claim the style as being "New Orleans Swing", a description which I have thought a lot about, and drawing the only possibly conclusion...I couldn't agree more!

Before I get into the CD,  Let me share just a tad of history. This  band goes back about 10 years and was originally called the "New Orleans Jazz Vipers".  Last summer the band reformed under it's new name 'New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings'.

This is their first CD under this name and I'm really excited about the tracks they selected, so I'm going to mention a few of vocal tracks just so you can get the idea of music in store for you...

On Guitar we have John Rodli, known to many as the voice behind the "Blue Drag" on the Vipers recording. John's Vocal fans will be pleased to hear him once again on "I wished Upon a Moon" and "Pennies from Heaven".

No doubt one of my favorites from this band for awhile now is their rendition of "Nagasaki". A song that features Matt Rhody, who not only swings the group with his vocals but also sends the room on his Violin solos. Thanks for including this track fella's!

The big surprise for me on this CD was the Harlem Hamfats song "Delta Bound" , sung by Tom Saunders, a Jazz 78 collector who plays the Bass Saxophone. This version is a bit faster giving it a new fresh feeling that certainly will bring a smile to anyone who likes a new twist on old things.

Charlie Fardella's Vocal's on songs like "Corrina Corrina" is a great example, the band takes a new sound with the band backing the vocals with Matt's Violin leading the way before Charlie finally punches through with his Trumpet.

On another vocal, Bruce Brackman singing their "Gospel Medly" which is actually 3 New Orleans standards, combined perfectly, the band is obviously having fun recording these as you can hear on this track.

Bruce's Clarinet playing is most powerful and exciting sound I've ever witnessed, Charlie packs more then just a punch with his trumpet, I only wish everyone could stand in front of them at DBA or the Cat on one of their regular gigs and witness this group of players who truly enjoy playing first and foremost.

None of this could not happen without bass man Robert Snow, perhaps best described as a swinging time machine….if your dancer, he is the one that is driving your feet.

The groove Robert lays down is infectious and from there the layers of each instruments fit like a puzzle propelling the rhythm in amazing time.

As it says on the CD, it's Smoking Swing from New Orleans….no doubt a must have for any Jazz and Swing enthusiast…

Peter Loggins Feb, 2010


  1. Love it! "Delta Bound" is definitely my fav! And a great song to dance to!

  2. Awesome ... I so need to pick this up

  3. I love Delta Bound . . . Ivie Anderson sang a great version, too-- though the Hamfats' is undeniably my fav, with all that throaty melodrama and grinding brass. I mebbe have to buy this CD now ;)