Monday, March 1, 2010


How lucky I am! Just after the recent amazing release of the new Cotton Mouth Kings, another awesome CD comes out by one of the newer local New Orleans Bands.

The Tuba Skinny Band is one of bands that loves busking on Royal street, and seeing them will leave you speechless!

Vocalist Erika Lewis fronts the band with Todd, or "Tuba Skinny" handling some of the musical direction, yes, from his Tuba.

The band is no doubt a team, a team of friends who create not only a music of a by gone era, but also a very individual sound.

The new self titled CD, TUBA SKINNY, is an amazing mix of tempo's all well rooted in early blues and jazz.

Handling the strings is Alynda on Banjo and Kiowa playing the Guitar and vocals, with the horns handled by Barnabus ,Trombone and Shaye on Cornet.

Lastly, we have Robin on washboard, who's dynamic playing inner weaves with the band which should no doubt cause you to start stomping your foot!

As i mentioned above, you can find this group playing on Royal street in the French Quarter and you can expect some great dancers performing with them as well. when they hit the street. At night the band attracts the best dancers in town and from around the world when visiting New Orleans.

This CD Captures this amazing energy perfectly, and I'm sure that there will be more then a few tracks being played at dances, and by teachers around the world.

One last tid bit before I leave you to run off and GET THIS CD.

 In this mix of 13 tracks, There is an original written by Erika, However, I'm not going to tell you which one it is…it fits in in between the classics so well I know you'll be blown away!


  1. I bet dancers will love this album!

  2. Sounds great. Any process for getting a copy of the CD without being at a gig? Are they going to stock it at Lousiana Music Factory?
    Would love a copy of it (and their other gig CDs)

    Russell (Canberra, Australia)

  3. Wow Peter, thanks for the swell write up! If any of y'all would like to get one of our new cd's, alls you gotta do is drop me a line at:

  4. Heard them on the street last Monday. Absolutely Delightful. Bought the CD and tapped toes driving all the way home to near Chicago on Tuesday. Best memory of our visit to NOLA.

  5. hey Peter, I couldn't agree more! I DJed some of the music off the CD, in Ljubljana, Slovenia and it was smash! i can't tell you how many people commented! ps. my name is peter as well...

  6. Wow, saw them on Royal St. at the French Quarter Fest Saturday. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Let's just say I'm glad I live only 20 miles from New Orleans so I can go back today and hope they are playing again. Also we were lucky enough to catch a young couple perform an amazing dance to one of the songs.


  7. An absolutely amazing ensemble. They are interesting to watch and the music is amazing! They recently performed in Aspen, CO. I saw them perform twice and purchased a CD. I hope they return soon!

  8. BOTH albums are fantastic!! My wife saw you performing in NO earlier this year and bought one, and I got the other for her birthday.
    Tom (& jill)

  9. Can you help me
    I live in Canberra and I can't find anywhere that sells CDs by Tuba Skinny... I wld like one to give as a gift to someone this Friday 17 January 2020. Happy for u to call me 0410 502 253. Thank you....