Sunday, April 4, 2010

March to April....

It's been a long month, German, Spain, Solvenia and Lithuania, tonight being my last big night in Vilnus but i have classes tomorrow and will probably celebrate one last night, although it will be chill.
I've meet some extremely amazing people this month that have been nothing but kind, who shared their homes, food, family and friends making my job so much more rewarding for without them it certainly would be a much more difficult task.

Aside from teaching i did 3 lectures, Spain being difficult for the obvious reasons with the language barrier, however it was very well received being it was during the Terressa Jazz Festival.

Slovenia is always a blast, being my 3rd time there, the people are layed back and seriously know how to party, having been there before it's always easier to lecture and to speak my mind on issues that perhaps i would not go into as much deep if it was a more academic or professional crowd. That night, our band was able to play for the ballroom, being that they brought in the other members for the weekend, amazing week for sure. Aside from the horse burgers my special favorite is the Green Rabbit Absinthe bar, the owner was nice enough to give me a Bottle and exclaim "New Orleans is the home for Absinthe!".

This is my first time in Vilnus, Lithuania and all i can say is wow! the first night i got to see one of the local bands on home turf, some of which I've know for a few years, called the Rhythm Junkies. They were amazing, a touch a Gypsy and dixie mixed together with powerful and amazing vocals by Milda, Jazz is no doubt alive here.

My lecture here was a big larger a good crowd of over 200 packed the room, which was sponsored by the American Embassy. Their representative was a really great guy who was from Kansas city and  made things extremely comfortable, in this very professional setting. Last night they brought in the Carling Family band from Sweden, which are one of the best bands you can hear anywhere in the world. They are playing again tonight later on after we get to hear the Lithuanian Military band, which I've been told will have 40 pieces. This i can't wait for, i can only image the power they are going to throw at the dance floor.

It's been a long journey and i look forward to heading back home to New Orleans, with lectures and demo's and performances to be done at French Quarter Festival next weekend, and the New Orleans Jazz Festival the weekend after.

anyways, I have many articles started which i will finish upon my arrive back to the states, so stay tuned. and hope to see you in NOLA or on the road!

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