Sunday, May 9, 2010

Class Music!

As promised, This is a List of the CD's used for class's...

Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns, Lucky Devil
The Palmetto Bug Stompers, Live @ DBA
The Palmetto Bug Stompers, Ol' New Orleans Home
Tuba Skinny,(Self Titled)
The Loose Marbles, The Recession session
The Loose Marbles, Gum Shoe
The New Orleans Cotton Mouth Kings, (self Titled)
The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, Hope your coming home
The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, (self Titled)

the Loose Marbles "The Recession session" can be purchased here:

 You can get all the Palmetto Bug Stompers here...

New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings:

New Orleans Jazz Vipers Here:

Tuba Skinny CD's just email:

Keep checking Louisiana Music Factory as well,
they support and offer local musicians an outlet to sell CD's.

I'll update this Post as i get a for sure links, or other places turn up to purchase these CD's!!! or comment below, and we can make sure you get what ya need!!!!

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