Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 2010...back home again.

Swing Crash Como Italy
It's been a long summer, Starting with Swing Crash in Como Italy. Like last year, it focused on great bands and social dancing, with very few dance classes. Thanks to the event, classes don't start until around 2:00 in the afternoon! Talk about "it takes one to know one", I can tell a lot by the event, by it's schedule...that's for sure.

The Carling's from Sweden, was in full force in Italy which is always a good thing, and the local band leader did an amazing job arranging charts, for the Show we did, which included the Duke Ellington number from Cabin in the Sky, however we had taught all the students this, and had them planted, so we actually had that whole outdoor area following.

from Milano to Sweden, my bags were lost thanks to Czech Airlines, for the second time this year.  They eventually found it, but it took 3 weeks!!!!

I relaxed in Stockholm for a week before heading to the Country side of Herrang, which is an hour drive north. I drove one of my friends cars, a MG convertible, popped in a CD that Lady Kamikaze gave me at Swing Crash and had the most enjoyable drive i've had in many years.

Herrang, for 5 weeks....could be whole book. The first Day of the Camp, rehearsing for a Show, I dislocated my shoulder pretty bad, and it's still not too good as I write this, it looks like Surgery in getting to be more and more unavoidable. Lucky for me i was in Sweden where getting meds and help is easy as hell.

My girlfriend Katja, finally showed up from Slovenia, So we could teach week 2 together. That was no doubt awesome..but weird! (in a good way), I'm so used to teaching with Mia, that we have this certain rhythm of talking in class, and not to have that same rhythm caused some funny moments that's for sure. Because of my Shoulder we did a lot of Balboa, serious body to body leading, and a few lefty type moves i had sorta come up with while out trying to social dance with one arm.

While this Camp was going on through the weeks, there was a Musical every Sunday and Monday for 5 weeks. I got asked to do it, while back in Stockholm by Lennart and Fatima, so of course I gave it my all. I went from playing the Devil to a Gay Tailor, which which i won best supporting actor one of those shows. It was no doubt a blast...and being surrounded by the great young talent made it enjoyable.

My Friends band from New Orleans "Tuba Skinny" came to Herrang, and blew the place away. It was the first time I remember the floor being crushed against the stage to watch and not dance, holy smokes that in it's self was amazing, all the members had their little fans, or following by the next day, which was so hilarious to hear about. Come friday night we had a awesome Jam session during the Party, which was their last gig before heading back to the USA. 

Week 4, Started by me running the Meeting because Lennart was off watching Daniel and Asa get married, that was freakin weird. Classes with Mia went great, although my shoulder was killing! We taught everything the scene doesn't not do, from Tops and Wilda to Hal and Betty...

week 5, "Swing Orchestra" track was offered by the Carling Family, so i dropped in to take notes, and got sucked in! that was it, week 5 was going to be a downhill cruise of relaxing and partying, but instead it was classes all day for 5 days on music, structure, improvising and so forth. It was certainly the most amazing music class I'll ever be in, and to even trying and describe it here would never do it justice. The class was broken into smaller bands which all performed at the end of the week, and then we had a Parade from the school area to the folkets hus, end it all with a St. Philips Street Breakdown....

Back in Stockholm, was spent eating at Olssons, Garlic and shots...with the best of friends, the flight home no problem, and now i'm back in New Orleans! I landed, jumped in a cab, through my bags in my house, put air in my Tires and was at Mimi's in no time,  drinking a cold one, watching the Little Big is good.

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  1. In case you are wondering if anyone is reading your blog, I am!!! Keep the posts comin'. 8-)
    P.S I went to a Salsa night a few weeks back and did Balboa. It was quite liberating and fun. Seeing the salseros struggle with the faster tracks while we were just cruising was qute satisfying.
    I also feel that in the UK, it might be the only way to attract a younger crowd into Balboa.