Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last Days of 2010

Well, I thought I'd post one more time for 2010...I'd actually like to talk about a few dance things, like our Monday nights which are doing great.  Meschiya Lake had the idea one night, as we were drinking at Mimi's and we made the proposal....what i didn't know was Mimi's loves dancing, so anyways, Every monday night we have our free dance class at 9:30 which is about 30 minutes.

"Mimi's in the Marginy" as it's called, is just a short bike ride from the French Quarter, straight down Royal street, until you hit Franklin, the perfect distance not to be a tourist trap, yet close and easy enough to get to that you voice directions to anyone, and walk it.

Unlike other "drop in" classes, we normally teach a different dance every week, something like Shag, Charleston, Two Step maybe Swing, basically just historical dances that are easy to do socially. Allow everyone to find themselves through dances and steps, instead of just teaching people one thing. We certainly don't dance to one rhythm like other places, so it's important to have the tools to dance to all rhythms as well.

Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns are the house band on Mondays, which allows for the perfect atmosphere, at Mimi's. The Bar flows, the lights down dim, smoke fills the air as Meschiya's delivers song after song. Behind her we can always count on Jason Jurzak on Bass to give the dancers their needed "slap,boom,slap,boom". Mondays are great, cause it's more locals, and people have a different kind of fun.

Another fun thing, that has started is Meschiya Lake, Laura Manning and Mia Goldsmiths monthly Variety Show and Dance at One eyed Jacks. Again, with the Little Big Horns playing live, we have all kinds of great acts put together in a show that is simply awesome. I could go on and on, about the Holiday show they just did, but having the band dressed in their Santa outfits in the Balcony playing Christmas songs like the Salvation army will be hard enough to beat next month, not to mention the 3 girls singing Alvin and Chipmunks songs! Meschiya brings us back to her circus days, with some of her old fire acts, which are crazy! Dante the magician, Trixie Minx, Ally Ooops, Nola Jitterbugs....The whole evening is simply awesome, they actually have Taxi dancers for leaders and followers.
If your going to visit New Orleans, do it on the weekend were you can catch this show at One Eyed Jacks!

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